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Creative ways to make your eCommerce business stand out

With the amount of eCommerce websites increasing rapidly across the world, and 64 million online shoppers in Nigeria alone, it’s a tough task staying competitive and standing out in the massive...

19 Dec 2016

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Online Shopping Trends You Should Consider: Packaging

When it comes to making a success of your online store, there are many parts that make a whole. Not only do you need to consider the payment gateway, the courier, and the way in which you communicate...

payment solutions 24 Jun 2016

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Online Shopping Trends You Should Consider: Coupons and Discounts

Did you know that the best way in which to attract new customers is by offering up coupons and discounts? Not only will it attract more traffic to your online store, but it will also ensure that...

payment solutions 17 Jun 2016

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Website Navigation 101: The 5 Most Important Menu Tabs

Whether your website has a built-in e-commerce store or not, there are a few menu tabs that no website can do without – menu tabs that assist in ensuring that navigation is simple and user-friendly...

payment gateway 10 Jun 2016

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A Mobile App Store vs. e-Commerce Website

When it comes to online shopping, the debate on whether a native mobile app is more convenient than an e-commerce website often emerges. While both have their benefits and play pivotal roles in the...

mobile payments 24 May 2016

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Boost Sales on your eCommerce Site with Digital Marketing

If you were to open a store, the first thing that you would do is investigate and research the best ways in which to market your products / services, right? Well, owning an e-commerce store is no...

payment gateway 17 May 2016

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How to Drive Traffic to your e-Commerce Site

What’s the point of having an e-commerce store if nobody is visiting it? If you have recently started an online venture and are looking for the best, most affordable ways in which to encourage more...

payment gateway 10 May 2016

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Must-Have e-Commerce Plugins

When it comes to building an optimal e-commerce website, there are a number of components that entrepreneurs need to take into consideration. One of these components is that of e-commerce plugins...

online payment 29 Apr 2016

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Three Great e-Commerce Ideas

e-Commerce is currently a gold mine for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed. Not only does starting an online business require minimal start-up capital, but it is something...

payment gateway 25 Apr 2016

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Why your e-commerce site needs Optimised Meta Descriptions

When you think about the amount of people who visit your e-commerce site, you would like to think that consumers are able to find you because they’re looking for your brand. However, a large portion...

payment gateway 20 Apr 2016

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A Guide to Effective Product Photography

When it comes to selling products online, presentation and imagery of the products is just as important as investing in a reliable online payment gateway. Considering the fact that customers are not...

mobile payments 13 Apr 2016

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Marketing Strategy Tips for Your Online Store

Having an incredible online store, stocked with a selection of incredible products, is all well and good – but what’s the use if your customer base is non-existent? In order to make a real success of...

payment systems 08 Apr 2016

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Improve Your Google Rankings by Investing in a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway does so much more than simply safeguard your customers’ credit card details - it can assist you in improving your Google rankings, too. Below, we examine how and why these...

payment systems 05 Apr 2016

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Online Fraud: What You Need to Know

When starting an online enterprise, it is important to ensure that your customers make use of a reliable and secure payment gateway. Without a means of making secure payments, your customers will be...

payment gateway 23 Feb 2016

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Promote Your Online Business by Starting a Blog

When it comes to the effective promotion of your online business, a blog is one of the best ways in which to do so. Not only will you be able to promote important features, like that of your reliable...

payment gateway 19 Feb 2016

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