Create a unique selling proposition that will help you stand out in a crowded market
Colleagues smiling and looking at a desktop screen

In this global world, it’s hard to find a completely new idea or product. Even though your business may be distinctive, chances are, someone out there is selling the same thing you are. To stay top of mind, there’s got to be something about you that helps you stand out from the pack.

This is where your unique selling proposition comes in. Look around and do some research and see what your competitors are focusing on. Is there anything they are not offering that you are?

Areas where your company could beat your competitors can include the art or science behind your product. For instance, a special protein that prevents wrinkles or a handmade piece of jewellery can be a differentiator, as they suggest a more superior product or an intricate process behind your production.

People love a story and another area where your unique selling proposition is pertinent could be how your business is run. If you are well known for offering great customer service, let people know about it. If you have spent time and money developing better packaging, offering faster delivery or any other perks customers will enjoy, spread the word. Don’t create these elements as a marketing ploy as they could backfire if they are not true.

At the core of your unique selling proposition is highlighting the value that your product brings to the market. The unique selling proposition is not about you or your business, it's about how the customer perceives you and your offering. Remember that consumers don’t want to buy products; they want products and services that will solve their problems. So be clear about what help your idea or offering will deliver. Does it save time or money? Does it make doing certain things less stressful or easier? Identify what value your offering brings to others and highlight this.

The small things count and can be the best nuggets of wealth. It is easy to overlook the systems or processes behind your business, such as going the extra mile to source stock from a local supplier or transporting goods in a unique way.

Once you’ve come up with your unique selling proposition take a look at how you can build a business story around it and go about telling your customers about it clearly and often. Incorporate it in your branding, design and messaging and remember that using it isn’t a one-time action; you have to remind people of what you stand for over and over again.