Creative ways to make your eCommerce business stand out
Woman shopping on her cellphone

With the amount of eCommerce websites increasing rapidly across the world, and 64 million online shoppers in Nigeria alone, it’s a tough task staying competitive and standing out in the massive crowd of online companies. Whether you’ve just started an online business, or have been up and running for some time now, how do you set your business apart in the sea of online brands? How do you grow loyalty to your brand, when customers have so many to choose from? Here are few tips on how to get your company noticed.

1 Keep an eye open for new trends

If you offer products that a lot of other online stores offer, stay on top of the market by constantly researching new trends, product ideas and technology. This way, even if you are offering a similar product, you’ll be one of the first stores to do so. If you manufacture products yourself, even better. You can get a new product onto the market even sooner without having to wait for an outsourced factory to do the work for you. New and exciting products are bound to generate interest and intrigue from customers, and if you’re one of the retailers to offer them there will still be a lot of interest.

2 Stay on top of social media

Nowadays it’s not enough just to have various social media accounts. You need to use them, and do so wisely and regularly. Social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter can be used regularly each day to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around a new product launch, a promotion or what your brand offers in general. This keeps your brand available and open to customers, constantly ensuring they never forget about you. Ask a celebrity to endorse a product, offer product or service reviews, engage with your customers by asking their opinion on a topic or theme and open your brand up to ‘likes’. Engaging with customers on social media will set you apart from the many brands who fail to do so.

3 Personalise your interaction with customers

No matter how big your business gets, personalisation goes a long way to ensuring customers remember your name. There are a number of ways you can do this, firstly you can send loyal customers personalised discounts. This rewards frequent buyers, as well as building brand loyalty as the discount suits the type of products or services they like to buy. Give the customer who loves shoes a discount off their next shoe purchase. Secondly, you can recommend products that certain customers might like. This makes them aware that you are thinking of them as an individual. If a customer frequently buys homeware on your site, the next time they’re about to check out, recommend a lamp to match their soon to be new bedside table. Lastly, ask customers for reviews on your products and services, this makes them aware that you care about their personal opinion.

4 Use your blog as an educational resource

Regularly posting relevant and useful articles will help develop your unique brand and distinguish your site from the the many others out there. Give your customers helpful tips on how to use your products correctly or how to get the most out of them, discuss relevant seasonal and trending news topics, and let customers know how your products can make the perfect gift for a loved one. This shows your customers that you care about the products or services available to them, and establishes your brand as a legitimate and knowledgeable resource.

5 Make use of a payment gateway

While this may not be an obvious strategy to you or your customers, making use of a payment gateway in Nigeria will make both your lives far easier. Set your business apart by allowing a system of online payment in Nigeria that uses 3D secure and SSL encryption. This prevents online fraud by ensuring your customers’ personal information is transported safely during transactions. Not only does it protect sensitive information, but also allows your site to receive multiple payment methods from local and international cards, and even cash transactions. This opens your business up to far more customers who use a variety of payment methods. Lastly, a payment gateway ensures that when your site receives a large amount of traffic, your customers still receive a quick and easy payment process without the system slowing down or crashing. A gateway, such as PayU, makes sure your website offers customers a fast and secure checkout process.

With many eCommerce websites popping up daily, it’s essential that you do all you can to set your brand apart. Ensure your customers remember your brand for a long time to come by trying out these tips to help you build a unique name and help you stand out in a market where there are many fish in the commercial sea.