Essential Features Every Online Store Needs
Colleagues working on a project

When it comes to ecommerce, there are a number of prerequisites that will ensure the success of your business venture. As a first-time ecommerce owner, the chances are high that you’re focused on the look and feel of your store as opposed to the nitty-gritty details that will turn interest into profit. Instead of spending all of your time (and money) on elements that are pleasing to the eye, rather invest in services and features that will make your customers feel safe enough to return again (and again!).

One of the most important features in which you will need to invest is that of an online payment gateway that promises steadfast security. Not only will your customers want to ensure that their payment details remain confidential, but they also want to feel like they can trust and rely on your purchase process. While spending your capital on fancy logo designs might bode well for the overall appearance of your website, investing in the technical aspects that offer a memorable experience will ensure your desired success. If you’re wondering about the other features that are necessary for the success of an online store, be sure to take a look at the following:

A Clear and Precise Checkout Process

There is nothing more distracting (and off-putting) than a checkout process that takes the customer to ‘similar’ or discount products. In order to ensure that your ecommerce site generates an income, you will need to ensure that you have a clear and precise checkout process. This means that once the shopper has decided to check out and pay, your site takes them straight to the checkout portal to conduct secure payments. It is in your checkout portal that you will be able to give shoppers that opportunity to save their details or simply make a once-off purchase. If your customers choose to entrust you with their information, do not use and abuse their information for spam emails, unnecessary communication or unreasonable phone calls.

Function for Customer Review and Comments

Once you have your ecommerce store up and running, you will need to ensure that your customers are able to write reviews on your products and comment on their overall experience. Not only will this ensure that your customers have the platform on which to recommend your product, but it also opens up a dialogue between you and your customers. This will ensure that, in the event that someone is unhappy with your service or product, it can be easily and quickly resolved.

Free Shipping

This feature may require research on your part as you will need to partner up with a courier service in your city. When a customer conducts an online payment, the last thing that they want to pay for is shipping costs, especially when the delivery will occur in the same city. Not only is this a courtesy towards your customers, but it will also ensure that your consumers will choose your product over another ecommerce store that charges shipping costs.

When it comes to making a success of your ecommerce venture, be sure to add these features to your site and, if you’re searching for a reliable payment gateway provider, contact PayU today.