How to Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Site
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What’s the point of having an e-commerce store if nobody is visiting it? If you have recently started an online venture and are looking for the best, most affordable ways in which to encourage more traffic to your website and, ultimately, to ensure better sales, read on.

Start Working on a Blog

Nowadays, content is key when it comes to attracting and maintaining customers. By providing potential customers with content that is relevant to your brand and that is useful to them, you will be sure to not only boost the recognisability of your brand, but to also increase the chances of becoming a trusted, respected product and service provider.

Educate Yourself about Social Media and its Benefits

Social media is the tool that provides you with direct access to your potential and already-existing customers. Not only will you be able to communicate with them directly, but you will also gain insight into their thoughts, behaviours and expectations, thus making it easy for you to mould your e-commerce store accordingly. Obviously, the more followers that you are able to garner on your social media platforms, the more traffic your website will experience.

Ensure that You Can Offer an Outstanding User Experience

An e-commerce store that loads quickly, is simple to navigate, provides helpful product descriptions, and is easily accessible using any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc.) is certain to attract more traffic. By focusing on the overall design and functionality of your website, you will be sure to improve your rankings on Google as a result, therefore leading to greater interest in what you have to offer, along with a massive increase in website visits.

Invest in a Reliable Payment Gateway

Unless you can assure your clients safe, secure payments online, even if you manage to increase the amount of traffic to your website, none of the visitors are likely to convert in fear of their credit card details falling into the wrong hands. Knowing this, the wisest thing to do would be to invest in a reliable payment gateway, like the one PayU Nigeria offers, that provides your customers with the protection and peace of mind that they deserve. Not only will a payment gateway enhance your user experience, but it will also improve your standing with Google, thus resulting in better rankings over time.

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