How to master the art of cross selling to your customers
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How many times have you gone shopping with a specific purchasing mission in mind, but ended up spending more? Wouldn’t you love it if the same happened with every visitor to your store? If you can master cross selling, this could soon be a reality.

Cross-selling is the process of getting a customer to buy something else along with the product they've already chosen. Effective cross selling doesn’t just happen so you have to think about it so that this process seems as natural as possible to the buyer, otherwise they may end up feeling manipulated or tricked into spending more.

When offering a new product, your strategy should be based on common sense so make sure you've built a range of products that complement each other. Then it is much simpler to ask customers whether they want the extra item.

Use your product knowledge to bundle the main product with other relevant products. Make sure your bundles are comprised of products that naturally fit together at an attractive price point. That way your buyers feel like they have made a smart decision which has saved them money and time.

To make sure the last minute purchase is easy and doesn’t require much thought from your buyers, your cross-sell item should be cheaper than the original product, and something that doesn’t require too much additional explanation or persuasion.

On your site, you can also create an ‘Also bought' section, so that when a customer buys an item, they can see what other people who bought the same product also got. To populate this section, use your sales data on what items get bought together, or if you’re still starting out and don’t have much trackable information just employ some common sense.

When you’re considering what to cross-sell, remember to always be tactful so that your customers don’t feel pressured. Buyers who feel stressed by the sales experience may never come back and even worse, tell others about how your business behaves.

Cross-selling is a huge opportunity, but be smart and know when it’s appropriate or not.