How social media marketing is different from social selling
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With so many new developments in the world of social media, it can be hard to keep up.  There are new trends every day and new sites constantly emerging. Some keywords and social media practices are so close to each other that it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other, such as the difference between social media marketing and social selling.

To help you distinguish between those two terms, here’s a guide that will shed some light about the difference between these two strategies. Find out how you can use them to expand your online business.

What is social selling?

Simply put, social selling is the practise of leveraging social media to generate income. The main objective in social selling is to increase sales, it’s just the technique used to obtain the sales that is different. While social media marketing is more about reach. Social media is simply another platform that drives the sales conversion. In social selling salespeople use social networks to engage with buyers. Social media also enables salespeople to supply and discuss content, and buyers get the opportunity to have their questions answered.

What is social media marketing?

As clarified above, unlike social selling, social media marketing does not have revenue generation as its primary objective. It involves any social media activities that are aimed at brand awareness and brand building - your objective with social media marketing would be to reach your target market.

The similarities between the two

While both social selling and social media marketing are used to send messages across by using social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the similarities don’t end there. The business objectives are still similar in that the activities are designed to pull in new customers through social media. That’s probably why the two are often confused. And the obvious one is that both social media marketing and social selling need social media platforms to succeed.

What are the main differences?

According to the social media experts, it is the way the communication is carried out that makes the biggest difference between these two online marketing strategies. Social Selling is considered to be more personal because the communication is sent out by actual sales people within the company, instead of the marketing department.

Social media marketing activities are directed from a company’s branded accounts, with the goal of publicizing the company’s main message to as many people as possible on a regular basis. A lot of social media marketing is automated, whereas social selling can’t be automated because it is interactive by nature. While salespeople may have pre-written content available to them, the objective of these activities is to build personal relationships.


There is a recognizable difference between social media marketing and social selling but nevertheless, both these marketing strategies are essential to help grow your business. They are both just as important as having the right payment gateway on your eCommerce site. Integrating both of these social media strategies into your sales and marketing strategy will unlock new doors for your business, and help you better connect with existing and future customers.