How you can use social media effectively to promote your site
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Social media is a great and effective platform for promoting your products and boosting traffic to your site, through creating engaging content that’s appealing to your target market. And while you may be already making use of social media to promote your products – the question is are you doing it effectively?  

Here are 5 effective ways you can promote your products through social media.

1. Create engaging content at the right volume

Whether you create an account on Facebook or Instagram, which are among the biggest social media platforms, an effective social media strategy requires you to create content, and the more unique and engaging your content is the better. Depending on who you’re targeting, you will have to find a balance for how often and in which formats to post. The objective is to get engaged with your customers; therefore be open to conversations and familiarise yourself with the norms and expectations of your niche.

2. Make the most of visuals

You should already know that tweets with images get more engagement, and it’s the same with photos on Facebook. Even on LinkedIn, you’ll notice more comments when you post images. Three of some of the most popular social networks, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, are centred entirely on images. So you need to embrace visuals when promoting your products. Many marketers are even creating a branded “featured image” to share with their posts.

It’s better to use original images or ones that you’ve taken yourself, as this adds a personal touch to your content which is likable. High-quality images may be expensive to purchase but fortunately, there are several online resources with captivating images you can use at no cost.

3. Share on the best platform

With so many new social media platforms on the rise and competing for attention, it may be challenging to stay updated with all the new developments. Setting an account for your business on various social platforms can be advantageous for staying creative, but it can also be difficult to decide on which site to share your content.

Since different sites attract different audiences and serve different purposes, to get your social media strategy right it’s important to acquaint yourself with the main social media platforms your target audience is most active on. If your core customer is a modern African woman who is looking for great recipes, for example, the best social networking platform to use would be Pinterest or Instagram. Avoid simply duplicating content across all channels and rather focus on the platforms where you have the highest possibility to engage with your target customers.

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4. Share posts at the best time

This tip may seem like only common sense, however, many content marketers ignore this simple concept. For your content to get maximum engagement, what you’re sharing needs to reach as much of your audience as possible, so you don’t only have to go where the masses are, but you also need to be aware of when they are online and active. Then you can plan your posting schedule around a certain time of day.

Remember that not all the different social media platforms will have the same peak times, and it’s all about timing on social media. There are many online resources where you can find out about the best time to post on social media, and it’s also just about getting to understand how people make use of the various social networks and doing experiments.

5. Engage your audience with questions

Instead of just dropping links with your posts, one of the best ways to drive social media users to converse with you is by asking questions. Because the social media platform was originally created for people and not for businesses, your aim should always be to create a human connection with social media users around your product.

The great thing about social media marketing is that you can use social media to improve both your public relations as well as content marketing simply by asking for feedback. An effective way to get responses and to engage social media users with your products is by using questions that urge readers to respond. You can even use questions for your headlines – they are a great attention grabber.

The great thing about using social media is you can experiment, but just keep in mind that your goal is to promote your products, and to gain more traffic to your site, therefore it’s important to connect whatever you share back to your business.