Making a Success out of your eCommerce Business
Shop owner behind desk

Anybody can start an online business; however, it takes a special kind of entrepreneur to really make a success out of it. It’s not about luck – it requires copious amounts of research, strategy, forward-thinking and plenty of positivity… and it is in no way something that happens over-night. Luckily, if you have the drive and the knowledge that is necessary in order to achieve success within the e-commerce world, there really isn’t anything stopping you. Below are some pointers to keep in mind.

The Customer is Always Right

Even though you may not be interacting with them face-to-face, the ‘old-school’ rule remains the same – the customer is, indeed, always right. One of the most important things to remember when starting an online business is that in order to establish longevity and promote growth, keeping your customers happy should always be priority number one. The question is, how do you actually know how your customers are feeling? There are a number of ways:

  • Start a blog: Communicate with your existing and potential customers on a regular basis by providing them with interesting content. Steer away from promotional drivel and, instead, focus on penning content that your customers will actually find useful. At the end of each post, whenever appropriate and in line with the topic, ask them about their opinions, thoughts and experiences.
  • Make use of social media: What better way in which to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of your customers than through social media where you can actually interact with them directly? By starting a Facebook or Twitter business page, your customers will be able to provide you with helpful feedback, both positive and negative, that you can use in order to improve your online business.
  • Implement a product review and comments sections throughout your website: If someone is not happy with the quality of a product or with an aspect of your website, they will be able to notify you of this and, as a result, you will have the opportunity to make the necessary changes.

Functionality is Just as Important as Design

Nowadays, when it comes to e-commerce, the emphasis seems to be on the overall design of the online store, rather than on its user-friendliness. However, what good is a beautiful website if it is impossible to navigate? With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your online store has been optimised for both desktop and mobile, that everything is easy to find (especially your product page), and that you offer your customers a simple way in which to make secure online payments.

Ultimately, making a success of your e-commerce store is all about trial and error, highs and lows, challenges and achievements. Determination is key!

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