A Mobile App Store vs. eCommerce Website
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When it comes to online shopping, the debate on whether a native mobile app is more convenient than an e-commerce website often emerges. While both have their benefits and play pivotal roles in the popularity and sales of a certain product – think about the accessibility; the more accessible, the more popular a product – yet many entrepreneurs and brands are often unsure when it comes to deciding which one to implement.

While it is important to ensure that you are able to sell your products through a secure site that accepts mobile payments, it is also important to consider the convenience of an app through which consumers are able to purchase their desired products. If you’re wondering about which platform to choose, you may want to consider investing in both. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each option:

The Benefits of a Mobile App

Although an app may seem like a hefty investment, it is important to ensure that you identify your goals and strategize the best ways in which to meet them. If you hope to increase sales and ensure a convenient shopping experience for your customers, a mobile app is the best way in which to boost mobile-based sales due to the convenience of the software. A mobile app also assists shop owners in bypassing the conventional means of communication, allowing them to make direct contact with all of their users through app notifications. It is also important to remember that an app allows shop owners to send coupons and specials to their customers, garnering a more concrete following of customers who are guaranteed to return.

The Benefits of an e-Commerce Website

It is important to remember that if you do not opt to implement a mobile app, your e-commerce website will need to be sufficiently optimised for mobile use. This means that all of the content on the website will need to be suitable for mobile users – from the payment gateway that you choose to support online payments, to the way in which users are able to scroll through your product selection. A website, however, offers consumers the perfect platform on which to explore the products and services that are on offer – if your e-commerce site functions optimally, consumers will be able to compare their desired products and make an educated decision as to what they want.

If you combine the use of a mobile app with the use of an e-commerce website, it is important to ensure that you understand the function of each – in essence, an e-commerce website will serve the purpose of an online catalogue, while a mobile app will provide the payment system through which consumers are able to purchase their desired items. However, if you make the choice to use one over the other, it is important to ensure that both the app or the e-commerce site are secure, optimised to accommodate the specific type of traffic, and contain a reliable payment gateway that accepts a variety of card types – from credit to debit.

Regardless of your choice, the most imperative function of an e-commerce site is that of a secure payment system as this will ensure that your customers feel safe enough to return. If you’re in search of a provider that guarantees safe and reliable payment gateways, be sure to contact Pay U for a no-obligation quote.