Must-Have eCommerce Plugins
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When it comes to building an optimal e-commerce website, there are a number of components that entrepreneurs need to take into consideration. One of these components is that of e-commerce plugins which enhance the user’s experience when visiting the site. One of these plugins is that of an online payment gateway that allows users to conduct secure, reliable and fast online credit card payments.

The importance of the plugin lies in the fact that it improves the shopping experience of the user – from reliable payment systems to that of shopping cart recovery, the options are endless for the entrepreneur who aspires to offer a memorable and convenient experience for his or her customers. If you’re new to the e-commerce game, it is important to take note of how a ‘plugin’ can be defined. A ‘plugin’ can be defined as a downloadable tool that is implemented or coded into a website’s content management system (CMS).  It assists in ensuring the optimal functioning of a website while, at the same time, also ensuring that it provides users with a number of different services.

As you build your website, it is important to remember that WordPress is the most preferred platform on which to build your e-commerce site, and many of the plugins are designed to specifically suit the design and backend of the platform. For that purpose, we discuss the top must-have e-commerce plugins:

1.Component: Shopping Cart

Plugin: WooCommerce

Boasting 12.3 million downloads to date, WooCommerce is a multifunctional shopping cart plugin that allows entrepreneurs to add to their product pages without hassle. As customers ‘page through’ the items, WooCommerce allows them to enjoy their search while maintaining the contents of their carts. WooCommerce also assists shoppers with their checkout, ensuring a quick and distraction-free checkout process.

2.Component: Receipt Management

Plugin: Receiptful

When it comes to providing your customers with receipts, Receiptful is every entrepreneur’s solution. The plugin archives the receipts of customers, and records the increase in revenue as it happens. Receiptful also allows entrepreneurs to brand their receipts and makes it possible for them to track the voyage from sender to receiver, and whether or not they are opened.

3.Component: Payment Gateway

Plugin: PayU

Safe and secure online payment solutions are one of the most important components when it comes to setting up an e-commerce site. Not only does a payment system allow the secure transaction of funds, but it attracts customers who are looking for a trustworthy e-commerce site. A reliable, secure and renowned plugin that accepts credit card payments should be at the top of every entrepreneur’s priority list.

4.Component: Cart Recovery

Plugin: WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

When it comes to online shopping, we understand just how distracted customers can get. In the same breath, it is important to note that loss of connectivity is a reality, which is why it is important to consider the implementation on a cart recovery plugin. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is the preferred plugin as it assists consumers in recovering their cart with minimal effort.

If you’re looking at investing in a payment gateway plugin, be sure to contact PayU for a no obligation quote – you’re sure to find a solution that best suits your business model.