Three Great eCommerce Ideas
Shop owner behind desk

e-Commerce is currently a gold mine for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed. Not only does starting an online business require minimal start-up capital, but it is something that you can do in conjunction with day job, resulting in a nice sum of extra cash to use as you wish. Ultimately, there really isn’t any reason not to throw caution to the wind and go for it – who knows? If it ends up being a success, you have the chance to turn it into something bigger than you had ever thought possible. But first, you need an epic idea that potential customers won’t be able to resist. Here are five great e-Commerce ideas to keep in mind when planning your exciting new business venture.

Hand-Made Craft Store

Do you have a talent for making jewellery? Perhaps you specialise in the creation of traditional crafts and trinkets? Starting an online hand-made craft store is a wonderful idea. Although profits will be minimal at first, by advertising on social media, and keeping your prices reasonable, you are likely to increase your following quite drastically in a short space of time.


Do you have a skill that is in high demand, such as blogging, app building, business coaching, proof reading or web design? If so, you can make use of an e-commerce website in order to get more business. By ensuring that your SEO is on point, and that your rates are competitive, making a success of this type of e-commerce store should be easier than expected.

Second-Hand Store

Getting hold of second-hand items to sell at an affordable price shouldn’t be too difficult – and finding an audience who would be excited to buy these items should be even easier. Starting a second-hand online store, as long as you have someone who is tech-savvy on hand to assist you when it comes to streamlining the functioning of the site, should be relatively simple. Do you really wish to attract hordes of customers? We have a tip for you - instead of referring to your new online store as a ‘virtual second-hand shop’, refer to it as a ‘classic vintage haven’. After all, vintage is much more in demand than anything second-hand probably ever will be!

Once you have stumbled upon a great idea and you are ready to kick your online store into gear, remember to ensure that you are able to offer your customers safe, secure payments with the help of a quality payment gateway. Visit the PayU Nigeria website for more information.