Using Social Media to Promote Your Online Business
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When it comes to promoting your online business, social media is a tool that simply cannot be ignored. Not only do social media platforms encourage a conversation about your ecommerce enterprise but it also ensures that you remain engaged in the conversation and so avoid losing customers. Whether you want to promote annual sales, new products or your secure payment gateway, social media is an asset that cannot be overlooked.

A strong presence on social media is a requirement that every ecommerce enterprise should meet, especially if they are hoping to succeed. Not only is it a tool with which to market your ecommerce site but it also encourages customers to trust in your business practices. If you’re wondering how to make use of social media to promote your online business, take a look at the following tips:

Assess Your Resources

Before you can begin to perfect your presence on social media, you will need to assess all of your available resources. This includes the way in which your ecommerce site has been built and whether or not you have enough staff to assist you. You will also need to ask yourself whether or not you have the capacity in which to engage on social media platforms. It is also important that you assess the existing resources that you have on your site – this includes the online payment gateway, the shopping cart and checkout process and the space in which your customers are able to write their reviews. All of the aforementioned resources will assist you in creating content for your online media marketing efforts.

Review Your Strategy

When assessing your social media presence, it is important to review your marketing strategy. If your strategy does not include social media, it is important that you include it. Not only will this ensure that you do not miss out on the important promotions and conversations, but it will also ensure that you have the budget for marketing that is done on social media. Take a look at your assets and devise strategies in which you can promote them; for example, if your ecommerce site offers payment systems that boast mobile payment solutions, it is important to include that into your strategy.

Sign Up and Join

Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are the first social media sites that you should join. Instagram and Pinterest are also options worth considering, depending on the frequency at which you post and the capacity of your social media manager. Sign up to a variety of platforms and ensure that you create business pages on each platform.

Engage and Promote

Once you have signed up and created business pages, it is important that you begin to engage with your audience and promote your product or services. Be sure to add social icons onto your website to ensure that customers are able to click through to the respective pages. Perhaps you would want to consider a discounted promotion for your first three days on a social media site, or are willing to give the first 50 followers a discount on your services or product? Whatever your choice, you will need to come up with an engaging strategy to ensure that your customers follow your social marketing efforts.

When it comes to ensuring that your customers write rave reviews on your social sites, it is important to offer up a secure and reliable shopping experience. If you’re reviewing your existing payment system, contact PayU today for a no-obligation quote on an online payment gateway that you can trust!