Website Navigation 101: The 5 Most Important Menu Tabs
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Whether your website has a built-in e-commerce store or not, there are a few menu tabs that no website can do without – menu tabs that assist in ensuring that navigation is simple and user-friendly for all those who pay your website a visit. Below, we discuss the five most important menu tabs, along with reasons as to why they may contribute to the overall success and popularity of your website.


This goes without saying, but cannot be emphasised enough – when your website visitors are browsing your site, it is essential that they are able to navigate their way back to your home page without difficulty or confusion. While many website owners opt to embed a link back to the home page in the company logo, what is even more important than this is an easy-to-find ‘home page’ menu tab – which should be the very first tab in your navigation bar.

Products / Services

This is probably the most essential menu tab of all. Seeing as though your website visitors are visiting your website for a reason – namely to purchase or research what it is that you have to offer them – it is imperative that they are able to find their way to your products / services page with just one click. Not only is this likely where they want to be, but it is also certainly where you want them to be!

Contact Us

Not all people are willing to purchase items online; however, they will definitely utilise your website in order to do research before visiting your store in person (if you have one, that is). Knowing this, providing all of the necessary information on your contact us page is of the utmost importance – as is ensuring that your website visitors are able to navigate to this page with ease. Be sure to include your store’s contact number, full street address, as well as your email address.


If you own an online store, content marketing will be your best friend when it comes to creating brand awareness and attracting new customers. As a result, creating and maintaining an interesting, useful blog is the best course of action. By including your blog in your main menu tab, you will be sure to encourage greater interest and provide customers / potential customers with useful information that just might inspire them to make a purchase.

Shopping Cart

In order to ensure the success of your online store, you need to ascertain that your checkout process has been properly streamlined. If you are to do this, you need to start by making sure that your customers are able to access their shopping cart at the click of a button. Thereafter, it is also important for you to ensure the safety of your customers and their banking details with the help of a reputable payment gateway for secure payments online.

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