Why creating a blog can lead to more eCommerce sales
Clothing shop owner on the phone

Do you need new creative ideas on how to increase sales from your online store? If you don’t already have one, simply creating a blog can be the perfect solution. The eCommerce world has become more competitive, and simply listing more products on your website is not enough to differentiate you from your competitors online.

Content marketing and a blog can be an effective way to pull more traffic to your online store’s products which is likely to get you more sales, but it must be done the right way. Here’s why creating a blog can help you drive traffic to your products and increase sales.

1. Improve your sites SEO value

A blog provides you with the opportunity to write about content relevant to your business and industry. What’s great is that high-quality blog posts get indexed by Google and increase your website’s SEO value. On top of this, blog posts are some of the best ways to get backlinks - which help in getting better search engine rankings - because other sites generally link back to quality content. Links increase your SEO presence.

2.  Pull traffic to products

A blog is a great way to write about your new products. Should you find writing about a product boring, you can write about exciting or informative stories where you can maybe tie in a product. People are always on the lookout for new stories, so blog posts are a great way to drive traffic to your products.

3. Build a better subscription list

If visitors enjoy your blog posts they will regularly visit your blog and may want to subscribe to your newsletter that informs them when you have new content. A blog with a strong readership will help you generate a strong newsletter or subscription list. You can potentially send these subscribers notifications when you have product specials and promotions, ultimately resulting in an increase in eCommerce sales.

4. Boost your social presence

Creating a blog is a great way to show off how much you know about a certain industry where you can share your expertise on the field. This can tremendously boost your following on social media platforms, as people want to follow thought leaders in an industry. A social media profile that posts original content of a high quality is a profile that is likely to be followed.

5. Publicize company events and news

A blog is one of the best platforms companies use to promote events and news about their business. This is a great way to get positive PR and brand recognition around some of the more behind the scenes work your business may be doing, resulting in potentially more direct traffic and, consequently, sales.

6. Drive more referral traffic

All visitors that come to your website through links from other websites can be considered as referral traffic. Much the same as the SEO presence reason, a blog can drive great backlinks as a result of other sites linking to high quality content and research. This can tremendously improve the referral traffic of your website leading to an increase in sales.

7. Share customers’ experiences

There should be many happy customers who have purchased something from your eCommerce store, but how many of their stories are told? A blog can be a great way to share some of the positive experiences from consumers that would otherwise not be heard.

8. It helps establish authority

The most successful business blogs answer common questions their leads and customers have, such as what online payment solutions you have on offer. According to Hubspot, if you aim to consistently create content that your target customer will find valuable, it’ll help establish your site as an authority in their eyes. When prospective customers find answers to their questions through reading your blog posts, they’re more likely to trust your products which leads to more purchases - even if they weren't intending to buy from your site.

If you run out of topics for your blog, there are many blog topic generators online that can give you ideas for new topics. Every eCommerce site can benefit tremendously from a blog - get inspired and start yours today.