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Shopping Cart API's

Allows you to plugin to our readily available shopping carts. 

Frequently asked questions

What platforms do you support?

We have code samples in JAVA, PhP, Python and .Net. Shopping cart plugins are coming soon.

Where can I find the necessary information for developers?

You can find all developers information in the integration document. 

I've received an error code, what does it mean?

A description of all error codes and trouble shooting help are available in the integration document.

Where can I find the payment logos for my website?

All the payment logos for your online store are available on the Logo Downloads page.

Which payment methods does PayU support?

At present in Nigeria we support credit card payments and cross border payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT). 

What types of integration does PayU offer?

We offer multiple integration options to fit your needs, capacity and budget.

Integration options currently available include:

  1. RPP Integration: The PayU Redirect Payment Page (RPP) allows merchants to integrate into PayU by redirecting their consumers to our hosted payment page. This is possible by using a combination of server side API calls and HTTPS redirects, therefore removing many, if not all PCI DSS requirements for merchants who wish to integrate credit card payments into their online stores and provide a low development cost model for accepting multiple payment types.
  2. Integration API: You can connect your online store to us and the checkout process will be handled on your website. To integrate this option you must have an online merchant account and advanced programming skills.