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PayU Xpress

Safe, easy, single-click shopping

Increase your customer conversion rates.

Suitable for: eCommerce stores |  Large businesses

Customer's 1st Transaction

Customer's 1st Transaction

1. Your customer is at checkout on the redirect payment page on your website. 

2. They select card payments.

3. Your customer enters their card details and clicks "Save and pay".

4. The payment is processed and proceeds through to 3D Secure (this only happens once for the first transaction).

Customer's 1st Transaction
Customer's Subsequent Transaction

Customer's Subsequent Transaction

1. The next time the same customer is at checkout, the customers’ stored card will already be displayed.

2. Your customer only has to select Pay and the transaction is processed. No CVV and 3D Secure needed

Customers’ subsequent transactions


Card holders whose cards are enabled for recurring transaction processing and makes at least one transaction per year.

What you get with PayU Xpress

PayU Xpress allows your customers to securely pay with a single click using our secure PCI-DSS level 1 certified card tokenization services.

Where can PayU Xpress transactions be viewed?

PayU Xpress transactions can be viewed on the PayU Merchant Portal.

You have a complete view as well as status of all transactions made on your website.

Frequently asked questions

What added consent must I get from my customers?
  • You must get consent from your customers to setup a recurring transaction with PayU Xpress.
  • This can be done in a number of ways. For example, you can do this by including the consent in your terms and conditions.
  • Please see our integration documentation for further guidance.
What happens if my customer’s card is stolen?

1. Your customer must advise their bank that their card has been stolen.

2. Your customer must advise you that their card has been stolen (be sure to check with the customer that step 1 has been done)

3. You advise PayU to remove the card(s) from your customer’s profile by contacting our Support Team. In order for us to do this, yo need to provide us with the PMID (token) as well as the MerchantCustomerID (relationship between you and your customer).

Can my customer store multiple cards?
  • Yes, your customer can store multiple cards on their profile.
What happens when my customer’s card expires?
  • Your customer can add a new card. Any transactions attempted against an expired card will fail.
Is my customers’ card safe?
  • Yes, PayU adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security for the credit card data handled by PayU.
  • All internal processes strictly adheres to the PCI-DSS level 1 certification - the highest that can be achieved.
Can my customer delete their card?
  • Yes, your customer can delete their card.
  • Contact PayU with the PMID (token) as well as the MerchantCustomerID (relationship between you and your customer) in order to remove card(s) from your customer’s profile. This can be done by contacting our support team.